Gilly Goat is our irresistible brand personality and our very own baby “kid”! 

Gilly Goat is playful, gentle, loving and caring and reflects the innocence, joy and purity of children and the unconditional love and high-quality goodness they deserve.

Cuddly, totally adorable and warm-hearted, Gilly is a charismatic character who loves to keep little ones cared for.  Gilly shares the wonderful characteristics of a baby goat, similar to those of our precious babies and children. Gilly is playful, intelligent, full of energy and inquisitive about life, nature and surroundings, much like our own babies and children.

Born in the city of Melbourne, Gilly’s hobbies include playing outside, jumping in puddles, exploring new places, cuddling with his family and making new friends.  Gilly especially loves bath and bedtime, where he can splash and snuggle. Gilly is good-natured, creative and a symbol of happiness.
Gilly Goat’s mission is to share the message of unconditional love, care, quality and childish joy to all families
Afterall….Biology is only part of the story.
Love and care is what matters most!

Love from Gilly’s proud parents (there are a  few of us!)


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