Should babies have less baths in winter?

Baby Winter Bath Time Routine
Ask around and many grown-ups will tell you that there is nothing like a long relaxing warm bath on a cold winter’s day, but should the same apply when it comes to babies? Babies need extra care and warmth during the winter months but this does not mean more warm baths. Believe it or not, water can dry out skin, especially too many warm baths as they strip away precious protective and nourishing oils. Gilly’s put together some tips to help make your winter routine a success!


  1. Bath Temperature and Frequency
    Most babies don't really need to be washed daily especially in the winter. Bathing 3-4 times per week is optimal to reduce exposure to the cold and during bath time make sure you use warm water around 36 degrees and don’t soak for too long.

  2. Gentle Cleansing and Moisturising
    r extra care or protection use baby formulated bath oils that gentle cleanse, calm and softens the water as well as baby’s skin. These types of bath products are the best to help support the skin’s natural acid mantle oil and water protective barrier of the skin). Post bath, dry your baby off by gently patting dry and finish by apply a good moisturiser without a long list of drying and irritating chemicals.

  3. Use Soothing Ingredients
    To minimise dryness, use a bath wash that is sulphate free and has moisturising ingredients. Using a rich oil based moisturising wash will also mean you can cut your bath time routine short if your baby is getting fussy and skip adding lotion post bath.

  4. Keeping Warm
    Besides regulating the water temperature there are some other ways in which you can keep your baby warm during bath time and avoid your baby from long exposure to the cold air.
      • Start your bath routine with a gentle massage: A baby massage can help increase circulation and increase the baby’s natural body temperature pre bath for a more comforting winter bath experience.
      • Start from the feet: bathing your baby from the feet first and working your way up will minimise the time the baby’s head and hair are wet.
      • Keep everything close and handy: From the baby’s towel, to the PJ, onesie or cloth change and the products you are going to use. 10 minutes in the tub is ample, and less for a newborn. Do anything you can to prepare and keep the bath time routine between 5-10 minutes.

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