Outdoor and More

When the weather outside isn't so frightful, and the sun is quite delightful.
It is easy to be tempted for you and baby to soak up some sunshine especially in the cooler months. There are still a few sunlight facts to be aware of before you head out.

Always Avoid Sunburn

The sun feels great, but it can expose your baby's skin to the risk of damaging sunburn. You can use baby sunscreen on infants at any age, though, be mindful of the formulations, not all sunscreens are created equal. Hats and umbrellas are also good ideas. But for the best protection from sunburn, keep out of direct sunlight.

Sunburn Is Not The Only Sun Damage 

Remember any sun exposure is light exposure. Shielding your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays is one of the most important things you can do to prevent any damage especially on a baby and children skin. UVB affects the top area of skin which causes most sunburns, unprotected it can cause damage in as little as 15 minutes. UVA absorbs to the second layer of the skin, it doesn't need to be "hot' its a form of light ray and penetrates clouds and glass windows.

For the best protection from any sun damage always apply a good quality sunscreen to the areas of your baby's and toddlers skin that can't be covered by clothes. Remember playing in the back yard, jumping in and out of the car or going to the park exposes all of us to natural UV light. Use sunscreens that are safe to use every day and are formulated for delicate areas like the face, eyes, and lips. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are also great extra protection from harmful rays.

 Go Easy On The Skin Care Products

Less is more! Gilly Goat Sunscreen is jam-packed with botanical goodness and is formulated as a moisturiser and sunscreen to care and protect delicate skins. Super lightweight and low-allergen a little goes a long way. Gilly Goat Safe Baby Sunscreen is made with a natural zinc -oxide for face and body. With the added benefits of natural hydrating botanicals and anti-oxidants, it is safe to use every day. It also makes a great anti-aging moisturiser sunscreen for mum.